Monday, November 18, 2013

Sunday Stuff

 The last day of Peewee football, oh how I will miss watching these little boys learn the game we so love.
 While SIL #1 was giving out awards I spotted Karsyn and Mason enjoying the view of a drainage ditch. Simple pleasures in life through the eyes of toddlers. Karsyn is always giving Mason man an earful of information
 Then this. Aww a sweet hug from big sister.
 Evidently the hug was not appreciated as they then broke out in a bit of a fist fight. Ha
The rest of my day was spent working on the Tee shirt quilt that can't be done quick enough to suit me.

Thoughts and prayers to the families in the Midwest and Ohio river valley after the horrific weather they endured Sunday. As I was sewing this stinkin quilt I heard the weather man say there could be as many as 80 tornado's that had touched down :( Hubby's family is from the Lockport/Joliet area of IL, my family is from Tell City, IN I kept my eye on the weather channel as both areas were under the gun. The last report I have seen was that Tell City did have a small tornado go through be thankfully no one was injured. Hubby's family too seemed to have come out OK as well.

My day/week will be filled with completing this Tee shirt quilt that needs to be on it's way by next week, ugh. I made really good progress yesterday while home ALONE!! High hopes that today will be just as productive as I want this project done and outta here so I can get back to the piles of sorting and cleaning leftover from the recent face lifts around the house.

Thank you for all of the sweet comments over the latest makeover in the living room :) It's so nice to have a cheering squad on the sidelines. Too bad everyone lives so far away and can't participate in all the FUN! Ha

My body, the budget, and calendar all say it's time to put a halt to the home improvements until after the first of the year. I need to heed that warning as time is slipping away, Christmas is right around the corner. I am pretty clear of what the goals will be in 2014. Lots more painting will be on that list. I don't think there will be any full makeovers other than one bathroom if the budget allows, however there is going to be some MAJOR cleaning out. How does all this stuff accumulate so fast? Anyone else ready to unload the things that you no longer want/need?

Our major areas that need some serious work is the garage and attic. I have hopes that hubby will be back in the home office sometime this year so we can tackle both together. If not I will be sweet talking our SIL's to help me pull EVERYTHING out of the attic so I can do some big time decluttering enough is enough!!

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