Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Elbow Grease

 Paint, paint, and more paint
 It's 70 % done, FINALLY
I have been racking my brain over what to use as window treatments in the new breakfast room. I was leaning towards ticking that would match the fabric on our chairs but the ticking didn't seem to be enough color. Low and behold I ran into this 44x82 drapery panel at the home improvement store for just $14.99. Knowing I can't buy fabric even on sale for that price I picked up 3 panels. Last night I got two of the panels cut lengthwise to use as a swag for the bay window. Yaaa, I had a good excuse to pull out the sewing machine. :)

I do believe I can finish the breakfast room today! All that's left "To Do" is
 Paint the strips on the upper walls
 Slap a coat of paint the bead board
 Finish the bay window swag
 Hang pictures

I dread working with the level to tape the strips off but it can't be any harder than all that sanding that has gone on too long right? Lord I hope so!!

All that's needed on the swag is to hem one LONG side 246 inches to be exact. I should have enough fabric from the second panel along with the extra panel I picked up yesterday to make curtains for the two windows in the adjoining kitchen. I am reusing the old window curtain hardware to keep cost down, they are kinda funky and cool.

I will be so glad to get the kitchen back in order once again. every surface is covered in something. Bonding primer, tray, roller,and paint brush, ditto for trim paint, base white wall paint, and yellow wall paint. Sand paper, screwdriver's, tape, sewing machine, ironing board, vacuum cleaner, the works, it's all in the kitchen leaving me no place to even put a glass of water.

Just as I was running out of energy yesterday morning I realized the white and yellow wall paint were two different finishes, grrrr Back to the home improvement store for an exchange. That's when I found the drapery panels.....it was like a light beam drawing me in. Buy me, buy me. I do believe I have a serious fabric addiction. The spring was back in my step I was ready to take on the breakfast room with gusto. I have a fabric problem people!! Ha


  1. oh, I have the same fabric addiction problem. My first task today in the sewing room is to put away that 100 or so yards I bought 2 weeks ago.

    Next Halloween, you need to dress as Wonder Woman. I am in awe of all your home DIY.

  2. Your DIY is looking great! I'm amazed at all your energy for what's on your plate! Your hubby must be so proud that you accomplish all this with out him! Thumbs up!! Your a great inspiration to all of us following!

  3. I'm exhausted from watching your blog for the past few weeks! Everything looks so fresh for the holidays. I love the fabric for the swag...I'm packing to move and I can say I truly had a fabric addiction this past year so your not alone!

  4. You've been busy :) And do you really need an excuse to pull out that sewing machine of yours? :)

  5. It is looking so good. I hate when the paint is wrong when you bring it home from the store-xo Diana

  6. I love the yellow! And the curtains are going to work in there perfectly

  7. Its looking so gorgeous at the moment and you say its only 70% done!