Tuesday, February 4, 2014

30 Item Scrap Challenge

 I am SEW excited to be joining in Carla's "30 Item Scrap Challenge"!! I have WAY more scraps than I should be storing. Time to use some of it up!! This is the first pile I brought down today to work with. I knew right off the bat what project I wanted to do. Tissue holders for our local nursing home. I had donated some tissue holders to them a year or two ago for a Halloween favor. A GF was telling me last weekend that some of the ladies were still using them. I can't think of a better way to pass the scrap love around.
 Check out this tissue tutorial by "Notes from the Patch" She is so right, you can't make just one!! Knowing I was going to crank out a whole bunch of the sweet holders I am using the chain piecing  shortcut.
 Working the holders in an assembly line kept the kitchen from getting out of control as I had other tasks to complete today.
 I don't have many masculine fabrics, hopefully this batch will be manly enough.
18 down, a WHOLE lot more to go!!
I have a few idea's in mind to use up some of my scraps this month but doing something for the nursing home has been on my heart this winter sew...they are first on the scrap buster list. I do have another sewing project I had in mind to do for the center but that will involve spending money which I am more than happy to do and will do some time this month but that will have to wait until this challenge is complete.
Anyone else want to join in? Make sure and link up with Carla to share your progress. I can't wait to see all the creative ways ladies use those scraps up.
I hope to double the number of tissue holders I get done tomorrow. It's not always easy to do much when I have one or more of the grands are around sew....I need to put it in high gear before I have Kara the rest of the week.


  1. These are awesome! You are awesome :)

  2. I am still using my tissue holder from that same batch that you sent me.

  3. Maybe see if the nursing home could use some adult bibs???? I LOVE your blog and seeing what you make and hearing about the grands -- thank you for making such an effort every day to make your life special and to share your bounty of goodness with others.

  4. Love them, Debby! I think those are plenty masculine enough!! And your photos' are great! I bet you're enjoying that new camera!!! :)