Monday, February 3, 2014

Lego Love with My Love

 Tyler came down with the stomach bug over the weekend. Poor guy was quarantined all weekend other than Mommy did let him come down while we had Sunday dinner.  He was in no shape to go to school today. Mommy and Daddy still wanted to keep him away from the little ones one more day therefor....I WIN!! Had an entire day all by myself with our big man. Ty loves to do stuff, baking and messing in the kitchen being a fav of his. I was a little apprehensive to do any baking with him for fear of spreading germs any more than he already has. I remembered last night that I had a Lego set put back I had found at an after Christmas sale. Bingo, perfect project we could work on together.
 His trash bag lined garbage can was close at hand during construction just in case! Ha Thankfully we didn't need it. As a matter of fact he couldn't get enough to eat. Breakfast; 2 scrambled eggs, 3 slices of bacon, toast,  2 pieces of french toast, and a big glass of OJ. He made up on his missed meals all day for the losses over the weekend.
 His "Lego Creator Tree House" complete with a secret door, hook with rope thing, and drop down ladder, Oh My!!
 This took us the entire day stopping only to eat, then eat some more. Talk about fun, we had a blast! No toddlers running around messing with our little pieces, no need to clear the table for a meal, just me and my guy enjoying some quite time together.
During breaks in construction my buddy wanted to do another house next time we had some me and him time. Sure why not. We looked on line for him to decide what set he would like before wandering around Toys R Us for hours. He landed on the "Creator Family House" Sounds expensive buddy. Na it's on sale Nanny for $55.99. Humm...I know the large sets are VERY pricey the price seemed a bit low to me. Well sure enough the set was $30.00 off! Yee Haw.

On our way to return him home we hit Toys R Us to pick up the set. He knew before hand if they didn't have that set we would have to order it on line to get the great price. Sure enough they did have just what he wanted and another "small" one too boot. At the checkout the price was a heck of a lot more :( I ask the clerk if they did price matching for their on line sales. She said they did but the prices were the same. She was wrong we were right, my side kick got his Lego's at the price he and I had agreed on by asking nicely.

A surprise bonus was we received a coupon for a free pass to the new "Lego" movie!! Nice!

After dropping him off only after agreeing that he can have a sleepover Saturday night to work on our new house. I pondered the idea of seeing if there were any other DEALS on Lego's seeing as how I was already on that end of town (gas savings you know)

By golly I found an additional deal "Lego City Museum" was on sale for $50.39 once they did the on line matching price. Savings of $32.60 in addition received another free movie pass. Hells bells that Christmas fund isn't very beefed up yet but it had enough money to stock up for Christmas and Birthday's today.

Purchased for Tyler's BD and our great Nephew's BD as well as his Christmas gift

 Three - "Creator Family Houses"
One - " Lego City Museum"

Total spent - $218.06 Total Saved - $119.00 along with 4 free movie passes.

Lego's are SOOO expensive!!! Getting in on a Lego deal doesn't happen often. If your thinking about buying ahead for Christmas or an upcoming BD make sure to check the on line price before going to the store. Lego is running a promotion for a free movie pass with each $50.00 purchase. I had to do 4 different transactions to squeeze all I could from the deal but what the heck. Next trip home Papaw, Tyler, and I along with whatever friend he wants to treat will enjoy our free movie.


  1. I don't remember the last time I saw Legos on sale. They are so expensive and I am so glad that you were able to get them to price match. My youngest son loved his Legos and still has them somewhere saving them for his son (who is 1-1/2). I loved to see him playing with them. I have a Tyler, too. He is my oldest son.

    Hope you have a good week and that YOU don't get whatever he had- xoDiana

  2. Lego's are worth their weight in gold. They are the only toys I bought my boys. They still build with them, ages 23, 20, 17, 15; they don't build the originals more than once. We have "sorters", fishing tackle containers, as well as plastic shoe and sweater boxes, that they sort the pieces into and then they let their imagination soar. They have built the most amazing ships, airplanes, space ships, cities, movie sets, underwater research stations, old west mining towns, medieval cities, even a temple for a FHE. Our 17 year old has used Legos for school projects too, building a town for Utah history, and an Egyptian farm for world history. He's won prizes for his creations! One of his dream jobs is to be a Lego designer.

  3. My oldest son LOVED Lego, but then again so did I. Great scores on the savings again. How are you doing on the 52 week challenge? our new mattress arrives this Saturday !! Whoohoo!

  4. What a great deal on Legos! And free movie tickets to boot:) Legos are so much fun for kids...and adults!

  5. I love legos!! My DH says I buy them for myself when the kids have birthdays.