Saturday, February 22, 2014

Baby Stuff

 I can't believe how bad these photo's look once they loaded on the blog, what the heck is that all about? This is a pair of hubby's old Levies, they look crazy in this picture, I promise they are just everyday jeans that he outgrew more years ago than I want to share! Ha
 I cut them up saving all the cool parts I might be able to use on something else. For today the something else was baby bibs.
 GRRR these photo's are making me nuts!! This is a really cute denim bid for Grand #5 with lots of decorative stitching.
 And an almost complete denim baby girl bib for an upcoming shower DD#1 is giving.
DD needs more window treatments. I think she called the top fabric burlap grey cat eye fabric. Its really cool. She wants panels for the breakfast room and a window treatment for the kitchen using this along with the grey tweed. The beautiful  green with leaves is for the media room (can't tell in this photo what a nice green it is) Again she just wants straight panels for one large window and a topper for the small window. Also recover sofa throw pillows with the same fabric as well as the tan fabric. I am SEW thankful she didn't find what she wanted for the family room!! I do believe this pile of fabric should keep me busy for a few days! Ha

Another update on the new girl sewing machine.

1.) Her 60 decorative stitches are great, I will never use them all but I really liked the ones I used
2.) I haven't received the walking foot for the new girl yet. I was a little afraid she wouldn't be able to handle FOUR layers of denim but she got r done. Not without some protest I must say. I don't know that the big girl could have done any better.

I plan on top stitching both bibs but not until I get the big girl machine back. I am afraid I would be pushing my luck to top stitch all those layers of denim without a walking foot!!

Sew far, the new girl is earning her keep!!

Holee ask about adult bibs yesterday. I haven't made any yet but I did have an idea/pattern saved in my nursing home files. I love the idea of making the adult bibs to look like aprons. Check it out here.

Bed time for me and the hound dog. It has been a very long day


  1. I love the adult bib much better then any I've seen on the net...thanks so much. I will change them a bit and use velcro that closes in the front instead of hardware. I'm sure with a bunch of them spinning around in the dryer the noise of hardware would be pretty loud. A busy print is another good idea that I might not have thought of.

  2. Love that baby bib design. I've not seen it before. I've been wandering around your blog to see if the pattern source is listed, but haven't seen it. I'd love to know where to get one if you don't mind sharing.