Thursday, February 20, 2014

Where Did Today Go?

My day was not spent on sewing I can tell you!! I did do a wee bit of sewing last night but being tired and learning a new machine wasn't a good idea. There is a learning curve for me with anything new.

I forgot to take a photo of Kara today when she took over my mini ironing board.
"Nanny you make me dis?"
No honey its' for Nanny's sewing
"I rike it"
Thank you
 Next thing I knew she had pushed it into the kitchen and set up a tea "Pardy" for two.

I might be making an additional mini ironing board for the little girls tea "Pardy's".

The BIG project for the day was delivering the minky slip covers to the nursing home after Kara had left for the day. I picked up a couple of pillows on the way just in case. Let me tell you the ladies at the front desk were squealing with delight!! As I did before I ask that they do what they thought was best as far as passing them out or putting them in the gift shop but I did want any of the residence who didn't have visitors or were feeling low to receive one for free.

I now know what a rock star feels like! Ha I was surrounded by staff in a skinny minute. They ask if I would personally deliver some to special ladies that they knew needed them. I didn't expect that...OK I'm game although I wasn't dressed, jeans and a tee is not something I would have worn if I knew I was going to have a chat with new friends! They assured me it was no big deal. Three hours later I was on to the rest of the errands I needed to complete.

What a beautiful three hours it was!!! The ladies were so excited to have company and a gift to boot, they were over the top happy. I had a time of it holding back tears. I was the one who received the gift :). OK, so I found this funny. One of the ladies almost ran me over in her wheelchair as she was wheeling that chair down the hall like there was no tomorrow. She couldn't wait to show her friend her new minky pillow.

I took enough slip covers that each resident could receive one. As I was leaving the ladies at the front desk let me know they would be passing them out during dinner tonight, the leftovers would go to the gift shop. They were afraid of a full blown riot if they didn't get them in the hands of everyone! Ha

Sew sweet and sew BLESSED to have had the pleasure of spending time with these wonderful people that are too often forgotten.

Early bedtime tonight as I have Kara tomorrow, we have a morning at the park planned. Last weeks snow was beautiful but this weeks temperatures in the 70's beats the heck out of that snow!!


  1. Awww... that's just so awesome! I love how you use your talents to give so much to others, Debby!! <3 Now try that machine after a full nights sleep! ;) lol!!

  2. How sweet! I work in a nursing home and can imagine how happy some of our residents would have been. Do you have a picture of the slip covers?

  3. Yes tell me about the covers. Sounds like something for my nursing home folks.