Wednesday, February 5, 2014

First of 30 Scrap Challenge Complete

Sew excited to have been able to finish up the nursing home tissue holders today. The facility has a capacity of 80 beds, thankfully they are never full but I went ahead and made 80. This will give the staff some leftovers to use when needed. Many in nursing homes have very little if any money to spend on fun  pretty things. What a blessing to unload some scraps and put a smile on so many worthy faces

The only spending was for the tissues to load in the holders. "Dollar Tree" oh how I love thee! $1.00 @ for a package of 8. I bought 20 packs so the staff will have extras to refill the holders. Can't wait to deliver these treats!!
I had an appointment today at the quilt shop for some help with my embroidery software that has been giving me fits!! Knowing I wouldn't have the entire day to devote to finishing up project number 1 of the challenge I had the sewing machine humming before the sun came up determined to finish this project up before I have Kara for the rest of the week.
It was a very productive day! Thank goodness for leftovers, I didn't have time to cook with all the creating and learning going on. I think I have a handle on the embroidery software for now but I will be taking private classes in the near future. $25.00 an hour for one on one time seems reasonable to me after all of the money already invested between the machine and software.
While waiting my turn I wondered around the shop looking at the sewing machines. Holy Moly, I would love a machine with a bigger "harp" (new word for me) to use for FMQ but with a price tag starting at $8,000.00 I decided to leave it at the store! HA Another thing I checked out was Bernina's "Bernette London 8" machine. Having a lightweight machine I could carry around on trips would be sew nice. The price wasn't too bad for a high end machine manufacturer at $499.00. Hummm. Next time at the shop I am going to try it out. I think I can save that much this month from our weekly budget. One of the ladies shopping at the store shared with me how much she loved her London machine. Like me she wanted something that was light weight enough to take to classes and travel when she visited her kiddo's and grands.
Does anyone have any of the "Bernette" series Bernina's? What do you think? Are you happy with it as a back up machine?
Off to the bed with  AJ the beagle, we need to rest up for our frisky girl tomorrow.


  1. wow, 80? I've never made 80 of anything!

  2. These are fabulous! You are soooo kind to make these for the nursing home--all the prints so bright and cheerful. Now I am inspired. Thanks for the link and for all you do for the elderly. I hope to be one (elderly) some day! Janice

  3. Debby!
    What an awesome idea with the tissue holders! I LOVE them! Do you sell any of your work? That would be something I would want.

    You are a generous soul, and I admire your generosity!