Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow and More Snow

 Woke up this morning to this site, after a night of sleet and freezing rain
 It finally let up after 2:00, the sun even showed its face just before it went down for the night!
 Nothing to do but keep on sewing!! If we had any light you could see that this slip cover is a pale pink.
 A pretty blue
 Chocolate brown with fun Polk a Dots
The stack of slip covers are piling up, 33 completed sew far!
Our weather should improve drastically tomorrow with temp climbing into the 40's. Bad news is rain or snow will move in late in the day!  Oh well, by the weekend it should all be gone. One more day of staying put.
I plan on finishing up the minky slip covers early in the morning then move on to getting the house cleaned before HUBBY'S arrival! I have been a nervous wreak all day as he has been traveling from TX back home for a visit. So far so good. He is almost at his destination for the night and is aware he will have to wait a few hours in the morning before traveling through GA, SC, then finally NC.
As long as he makes it home before the sun goes down he should be OK as most of the interstates have had work done. Once the sun goes down the black ice will reappear. This man of mine makes me crazy with all his driving cross country but getting him on and airplane is next to impossible. Heck he couldn't fly in right now anyway as our airport is also closed!
The only real stinky thing about this snow storm is I haven't been able to enjoy watching the grands play in all the white stuff. Thank goodness for FB as our girls are doing a good job of posting photo's of all the fun.
Off to an early bed for AJ the beagle and I. We have a big day tomorrow awaiting our favorite man's arrival


  1. I am you husband will be home soon, I was thinking he had been away for a long stretch.

  2. Wow- You have got a lot of sewing done there! I love that brown one with the polka dots!

    I hope your hubby gets home safely. He has been gone for quite a while. I pray for clear roads for him. Enjoy your time together. xo Diana

  3. Happy Valentine's Day, Debby xx glad to hear that nasty ice will be leaving you soon.