Thursday, February 27, 2014

Low Volume Quilt

 I started pulling and cutting low volume fabric last night to get started on a scrappy low volume quilt. I'm still on the 30 Item Scrap Challenge, figure I will be at this for most of the month of March.
 I felt a little lost when working on the first block but after getting it together I realized I was over thinking everything. It is NOT a hard block!
Cutting all this fabric is the biggest challenge for me! Holy cow its a whole lot of cutting.

 Here is the first pile of scraps/stash for 10 blocks that has been cut. Ready to move on to the piecing then start building more blocks.
I know this quilt will be a long and hopefully happy endeavour so I went ahead and designated a container for everything.

One block done, only 19 more to go! Once I get all the cutting finished I think things will move along a bit faster. I have sew many other irons in the fire right now that I need to use the scrappy Low Volume quilt as my just for fun project.

I didn't realize how few low volume scraps I had in my scraps/stash until I started pulling fabric yesterday. Lots and lots of brights to pick from but the low volume not sew much. I refuse to buy anything other than backing for this quilt sew I will have to use a whole lot of repeat low volume fabrics.

I don't think this quilt will put much of a dent in my scrap/stash but what the heck every little bit helps right? The little Bernina London 7 is doing her thing thank goodness as the big girl will be spending an additional week in the shop :(.

What do you ladies do to keep a handle on your scraps/stash? I have nightmares of my scrap/sewing room being so stuffed with leftovers that there will be no room for some new yummy fabrics in years to come.


  1. Do you cook your fabric before you sew it? ;) lol! My stash is FULL and I bought soo much over the last few weeks... I've been bad. *blush* SO need to behave myself again for a while... lol!!

  2. I have so much fabric, I just try to keep it neat. And if I ever do use it up, my mom has so much more to pass on to me

  3. Mine is up in the attic sewing room, out of sight out of mind!!