Saturday, February 8, 2014

Frazzeled Friday!

 I had all three of the toddlers Friday. Mason man was his normal sweet as pie little guy self. The girls.....Lets just say they lived but there was a little blood shed. Karsyn was in a rare bad mood, it was going to be her way or the highway. Kara being an only child saw things differently,  life is always her way. Holy cow I thought I was going to lose my ever lovin mind.
 Between hissy fits, hand to hand combat between the girls, and sweet hugs from Mason man I worked on my messy overflowing scrap container. I like to use these scraps for Granny square blocks or scrappy strip piecing, they are also coming in handy for key fobs. Leftovers from sashing, binding and such goes in this container.
After lots of ironing and cutting I ended up with a nice assortment of 2 1/2 inch blocks. I'm thinking a pile of granny square blocks will be in my near future. Some scrappy strip piecing blocks for my next 30 item scrap challenge as well.
Once the kiddo's cleared out I finished DD#1 order for key fobs she wants to give as gifts for Valentines day.

Holy CRAP!! Yesterday has to have been the hardest day ever with the grands. The girls went from being sweet as pie to monsters in a split second, then back again to best friends. I was ready to pull my hair out by the end of the day. Most of the time when I have them all it is busy as all get out but not a blood bath! Today is recovery day!!

Lots of doing needs to be done today. The floors are a sticky mess, I have fabric from one end of the kitchen to the other, and of course the sewing room is once again upside down... sigh. After breakfast with some GF's I will get busy putting everything back in order and make plans for the next messy sewing project. I am going to give a TV tray ironing board a try. I think a portable ironing board would be nice when working on quilt blocks. Well see.

Off to the shower, breakfast, then some warp speed cleaning as Tyler is having a sleepover tonight so we can work on a Lego building WITHOUT the toddlers!! They were Oh so bad yesterday!!


  1. Been there done that! I think it is a girl thing. My grandsons are a lot more even-keeled than the grand girls. I've even joked the girls might be bipolar as they go from sweet to sassy so quick. And I don't mean cute sassy but pull your hair out sassy.
    Wait till they are teens, aargh!

    Your key fobs are great !

    1. I so agree about the girls Rhonda!! I call them Dr jeckle and Mr hide sometimes. I don't figure I will have to babysit once they are teens, I am still recovering from our own girls teen years, they are all in their 30's! Ha

  2. I would like to make the key fobs but cannot find the metal piece. Would you tell me where to find them? Thank You!

  3. That's what happens when babies turn into toddlers... My almost 4-year old can go from being an angel to something evil and back within seconds. I've been pulling my hair out with him for a few months now... Stay strong, grandma! This too shall pass :)