Thursday, February 6, 2014

More from the 30 Scrap Challenge

 Another itch scratched today using scraps. DD#1 needed a chunky key ring when she returned to the classroom this past fall. I found cute monogrammed key fobs at the Southern Christmas show that I knew she would love but with a price tag of $20.00 ouch. After getting some help with my embroidery software yesterday I was ready to give key fobs a try using ONLY scraps
 Sew far sew good, The big girls are lovin them
 I have lots of cute too me fonts that I haven't been able to use until I got a helping hand from the wonderful ladies at our local quilt shop.
It's hard to pick my favorite one!!

It is hard to get much done when Kara is here but these key fobs were a breeze to make. The only hang up was picking and resizing the fonts to fit on the fob. The big girls have given me a list a mile long already of key fobs they need as gifts for friends and co-workers. They cost next to nothing to make!!! I need to research for the hardware on line this week to see if I can find a better price than the $2.50 @ our local store charges.

I found two tutorials that will give you a great start if your interested in giving key fobs a try. The first one at SheSewChic uses ribbons instead of fabric. Seeing as how I am trying to use up my scraps it took a little more work on my part but if it's free it's for me!!

The next place you might want to check out is iheartsewing she has a great tutorial using only scraps, no need to buy the webbing like I used which will cut the cost even more!

It's way past my bedtime, I have been trying to get some things done tonight as I have all three toddlers tomorrow. Why I even bother when the place will be upside down in a skinny minute? I hate to start the day behind the eight ball.

Is anyone else doing the 30 Item Scrap Challenge. How is it going for you?


  1. Very cute! I made some similar ones for my Dd and me awhile back. Ours are not monogrammed but have ruffles. I like how I can keep my keys on my wrist when I am out and also trying to keep up with littles.

    I have no idea how you get anything done with your grands around- I think I do good if I do a little laundry and unload the dishwasher when they are here :)

    It's another snow day here so I have another day to myself and after I do some housecleaning, I'll be sewing.m

  2. I don't have all of them each day any more Rhonda!! Kara 4 days a week, the others when the new sitter needs time off. They are a HANDFULL for sure!!! Tonight I will be flate on my back I can tell you! Ha