Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Snow Arrived and Nasty Ice :(

 The morning started off cloudy and cold but not a flake to be seen. Might as well meet up with the ladies friends for a bite to eat and a cup of coffee before the storm hits.
 Back home I got started on Minky slip covers. Very girlie
 Some green and brown.
 And solid green
 Grand total sew far.... 21 completed.
 As I was sewing away you can see what hit the fan
As the sun went down snow has turned into sleet and freezing rain, YUCK!! We will be home bound for a few days.

It was incredible to see pouring down snow early this afternoon. One to two inches per hour at first before it changed to snow flurries then eventually sleet and freezing rain. We should get more of a mixed bag overnight with the storm ending by noon tomorrow. As beautiful as everything is I am glad it's not an everyday occurrence!! Ha

So far our area is in good shape as far as having power but things may change overnight if we get much more freezing rain. So many friends in SC are not so lucky :( They have been hit hard with ice. Plenty of food in the house, added bags of ice to the freezers just in case, water in the bath tubs and extra in jugs, a little more firewood in the garage, and the flash lights are ready to go.

AJ the beagle and I are done for the day. One more round of vacuuming minky fuzz before we put our feet up for the night. Hope everyone down south is playing it safe and staying home!!!!


  1. Hi Debby! Those minkies are adorable! Love the colors!

    Glad your staying in and keeping busy.

    We're all preparing for the storm up here. Not really but just re-filling if you will. This is a crazy winter that's for sure. I can handle all the mess that comes but I just can't take the cold anymore. I'm so done with this mess. We still have 8 inches of ice on the lawn. It just doesn't want to melt. The dog goes skating on it every day! It's funny to watch! If I was 30 yrs younger I'd do it too!

    I have heard the birds this a sign that spring is around the corner....I sure hope so!!!!!

  2. Keep your cell phone charged too.

    Our snow that has been on the ground for more than a week is finally melting, hope your cold goes as quickly with minimal damage

  3. You are such a fast seamstress! The minkies are just lovely. Stay warm!

  4. We had snow all day Tuesday and most of today too! I don't think we are going to lose power because the temperature has now risen up to freezing. Glad you are all tucked inside.