Sunday, February 9, 2014

Give Me the GOLD Medal!!!!!

 Here is another 30 scrap items Challenge project. I have had this cute strip fabric for a long time. I bought at a super clerance sale it to use as backing for a quilt but it's not big enough. I consider it a really large scrap seeing as how I didn't know how else to use it. When doing quilt blocks I run myself to death from the machine to the ironing board. Hope this TV tray portable ironing board will save me some steps. I glued down insal bright as the first layer then added the cute fabric on top. A staple gun would have been faster but I knew it might take hours to find our staple gun in Hubby's garage.
 Ta Da. Now I am thinking I want a smaller iron to use on the new mini ironing board. Gonna dig out a 40% off coupon to purchase a mini iron
 Tyler and I had a play date/sleepover yesterday until noon today.  He had picked out a HUGE house he wanted us to make. He is the builder I am the pull the peicees helper and quality control.
 He was so excited that we somehow finished the house before he had to go home today
 This bad boy even lights up, pretty cool
Working garage, car, swivel rocking chair, lanterns, side lights. You name it we built it. So many tiny pieces, holy cow.

Here is where MY GOLD MEDAL comes in. We were working away last night when I started getting cold chills. What the h.. I am never ever cold. We hit the sack with AJ the beagle curled around Tyler's legs. She misses cuddle time with her Tyler. At 11:00PM I woke up with a start, holy crap (literaly) the stomach bug that has been passed around to every family member had hit me.

While Ty and AJ slept like babies in our warm bed I was on the bathroom floor hoping I would live through the night, UGHHHHH. This morning Tyler was ready to go bright and early. "Nanny should I take a shower before we go out for breakfast?" Holy crap. Hey buddy how about a treat of Pop tarts milk, and juice? I threw in a bag of skittles to balance out his meal. Lord let me live.

While the bug continued to have it's way with me Tyler would knock on the bathroom door to let me know he was ready for more pieces. "Nanny we are not gonna finish if you don't stop going to the bathroom".  Good Lord save me!

We did finish the house someway somehow before his Daddy arrived. He left with his new house proud as could be on a nice sugar high. I could care less!!

One of the really BAD affects a bug has on me is I can't keep my seizure meds down. Skipping even one dose is a problem. Not having the PM and AM meds stick to the ribs can take days to recover fully. Thankfully the bug has been a 24 hour deal for everyone else. If it will be kind to me I should begin to play catch up with the meds by tomorrow but for now I am grounded to the bed. Now you KNOW why I should be awarded that durn GOLD!!

BTW if your interested in making the key fobs I posted this week you can order on line here, the prices are MUCH better than I got in our local shop.


  1. Debby- That is scary about the anti-seizure meds! I take an anti-inflammatory and I react if I don't get it-I can't imagine what you go through. But- glad you got the house done!

    That is a GREAT idea about the mini ironing board by the sewing machine. I may have to copy that one. xo Diana

  2. Oh, bless you! Gold medal for sure!

  3. Soo cute! Great idea! You're doing soo well with the scrap challenge! Me? Not so much... :( Already bought more fabric... lol!

  4. YIKES ! hope it was only a 24 HR bug xx Dbl Gold Medals to you, Debby.