Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Another Round of S in the South

 I felt like I was in slow motion yesterday after being so sick the two days before but with a major S storm headed our way I wanted to get a few things completed and errands run. New minky kitten shirts for the little girls are complete.
 Kara picked out the design and wanted a "Yellow Futter Fly" for her kitten to play with.
 While out and about I ran by the big box store to purchase a mini iron. Even on sale they are not cheap! This bad girl better last a good long time.
  11 yards of minky ended up in my cart. I can explain!
I managed to bring some firewood into the garage just in case the power goes out. Feeling weak after the bug and hauling firewood is not a good combo. I plan on bringing more in today before the weather gets bad.

We are waiting to get slammed with 6 to 12 inches of snow starting tonight. That might not seem like a lot for you ladies up north but let me tell you its a HUGE deal down our way. There is a chance of an ice storm to end the event by Thursday morning which can be deadly! I have one more errand to complete before locking the door to hibernate until the weekend. I worry about our big and little kiddo's losing power while I set here with a wood burning stove/cook top, generator, and lots of methods of cooking. :( Once the storm gets going there will be no leaving to get to Nanny and Papaws house. The big boys and girls better keep our babies warm and well feed!

Sew...I am still in on the 30 Item Scrap Challenge, the fabric purchased yesterday does NOT count!!

 I can explain

When I dropped off the tissue holders yesterday at the nursing home (big hit BTW) the ladies and I got talking. They wanted to know if they could put some of the holders in the gift shop to sell. ?? Well sure use them how you see fit, you know your needs more than I do. I didn't know they had a gift shop, sure enough they do. They keep it stocked with little things they receive as donations from local business, snacks from grocery stores and such. They have toiletries, lotions, and potions, stationary sets, cards and all. Some gift items for Birthday's and get wells.

The residents have a nice place to do some shopping without getting out and about giving them the opportunity to be more independent. Friends or family who are visiting can pick up a last minute gift to give their loved one. Pretty cool. All of the proceeds go to help fund field trips, special outings, or programs for the residence. They like to keep the prices lower than what would be in a regular store so all of the residence have the opportunity to buy a little something now and then.

Here is where the minky comes in. I had planned on making some minky pillow slip covers for the home over the winter but just haven't gotten around to it. A friend who's Mom use to live there was telling me about the time she had keeping up with slip covers for her Mom's baby pillow. The only place she could find them were at specialty shops that cost an arm and a leg. Well now I can make those things lickity split and Lord knows I have enough fabric to make plenty. But the more I thought about it the more I wanted to use minky fabric. I know as we age our skin needs extra care, minky would be sew much better than regular cotton fabric.

On the way back home from the center I had planed on hitting the fabric store for the mini iron anyway. OK Lord, I know I should wait to buy the fabric at the outlet store 45 minutes away but I am just not up to that drive today (he knows) Well don't you know it was on sale for 40% off!!! Yep, the big guy and I were on the same page. When the manager found out why I was purchasing so much minky she gave me and additional 10% off!! WOOHOO Minky at 50% off!!

AJ the beagle and I will be snowed in with lots of minky fuzz floating around the house for the next few days, I am SEW excited!! The nursing home staff and I have worked out a deal. They can put whatever they want in the gift shop once they make sure to give any of the residence that can't afford special treats one.

Yesterday was one of those days!! Thank you Lord for getting me up off the bathroom floor. Thanks for the Dr's who keep my motor running. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to do what I love and share with others. Thanks for blessing me with a family who taught me to have the heart of a giver. And a special thanks for 50% off sales that make it all happen


  1. I am glad you posted today, I was a bit worried with you being sick and not posting yesterday.
    Yea that you are feeling well enough to be up and yea for the Minky project. If I lived close, I would come vacuum after you are done. That stuff is so nice but it does make a lot of fuzz.

    hope your power stays on and everyone stays safe.

  2. He knows our needs and is so good to provide! Thanks for sharing.