Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Fun

 As you can see Kara once again took over my mini ironing board today. Can you see the spit fire spirit in those eyes?
 Most of the time she is in motion, it's rare for her to be still.
 I played around on the London 7 after Miss Kara left for the day. More scraps for Sewing On The Go pouches
 Maybe someday I will learn how to take better photo's with my Christmas camera.
 Here is one of the many slip covers I took to the nursing home yesterday. I made them to fit what I call baby pillows, they are the 12 x 16 pillows found in any fabric or craft store. I saw the pillows in Walmart for $5.99 this week.
I never got a photo of the full pile of slip covers but here is a photo of about 1/2 of the ones I made. I used this tutorial, sew quick and easy!!

This girl....she keeps me on my toes and on the run all day long!!! Since it was raining all morning at least she was contained within the walls of the house so I didn't have to run her down all over the yard. Kara is VERY outdoorsy and eats like a grown man. Where do these little kiddo's put all of that food, oh my.

Sew after the rug rat left I sat down with the new machine to work on some To Go sewing kits. I'm still trying to figure out the back stitch/reverse button, very different than my other machine. The needle up/down function works differently as well. I time I will get use to the change (I hope)

What I don't like sew far is VERY little!! That's good ! Ha

Here is the good and not sew good so far

1.) It doesn't have a left/right needle function, it will only move to the left :(

I like to use a finishing/edging presser foot for top stitching with the needle moved to the far right. This gives me a very nice 1/8 inch straight top stitch.

2.) What I do like is the finishing/edging foot only cost $7.19. The foot is 1/4 inch foot, its going to be really nice when I do piece work (I hope)

3.) The reverse/back stitch function is odd. You press a button to back up, easy, however you have to push the button again to stop the back stitch. Humm

4.) I am finding it hard as heck to do the drop in bobbin. I think there might be something wrong for it to fit so tightly. Next time I go to the shop I will have them give her a look.

5.) Having the drop in bobbin deal means no cleaning or oiling after the 4 hour suggestion for cleaning and oiling my other machine. I feels like I am cheating since I am not cleaning so often :)

6.) While the machine doesn't purr like my other machine it does have a nice quite hum. :)

7.) I took a chance doing simple straight stitch quilting without a walking foot on the new girl. No problems at all :) BTW I did order a walking foot at a cost of $12.75. The big machine walking foot was close to $200.00!! HUGE difference!

8.) When sewing the back and front along with quilt batting for the To Go sewing kits the stitches were beautiful, no puckering at the end. Nice

9.) The one thing the new girl struggled with was pivoting at the corners when I top stitched. I'm sure there is a trick to get her over her corner pivot, I just don't know what it is yet.

All in all She is a pretty darn good machine!! I think I will keep her! Ha

If all goes as planned I am going to try out her decorative stitches tomorrow. I think some new grand baby boy items using scraps might be fun. I'll keep everyone updated as I continue to play with the London 7.

BTW I am in NO WAY affiliated with Bernina or any other company!!!!


  1. Yes Miss Kara does look to be kind of spunky!

    I've enjoyed all your sewing and machine talk this weeks good info!

  2. I think Kara is like her grandma...lots of energy! I'm struggling with my new machine. It has a stitch lock button that I just don't understand..maybe reading the booklet would be a good idea. I'm starting on a new adventure for our nursing home. They asked for adult you have a good easy pattern for them?

  3. The pillow covers are wonderful. Thanks for sharing!