Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sewing on the Go with Scraps

 This pattern from "Lily Ashbury" for The High Street Travelers Sewing Kit has been sitting on my sewing counter for too long. I am sew glad I finally got around to giving it a try. In keeping with using up the scraps challenge this month I dug around to see what I could come up with. I like the results!
 The inside of the pouch has lots of little places to stash great travel sewing kit supplies
 A 4 inch pair of scissors in one pocket, cost just under $3.00
 A removable pin cushion
 Pages for needles
More pages for straight pins and safety pins
 And a pocket for notions. One of the notions I tucked in was a mini tape measure I found at a big box store for .99 cents
 I wanted to add several colors of thread to my notions pocket but it wouldn't hold more than two full size spools. Instead I bought these pre loaded bobbins in black and white in addition too a set with lots of colors. I don't know why anyone would buy pre loaded bobbins but in this case they worked out great
Figured I might as well make two while I was at it.
I'm pretty excited about these travel sewing pouches. Super easy to do with great instructions and frugal to boot. I'll be making more of these for sure, they would be great gifts for students headed off too college, honeymoon, special trips, fancy cruise, sew many idea's.
Now that hubby is headed back to his current project I filled most of my day taking a software class for the embroidery machine and test driving a lightweight sewing machine. I have been wanting (not needing) a machine that is light enough to travel with, is still a work horse, needed a good warranty, and no mess no fuss service. I do believe I bought what I was looking for.
I hope to play around on the new little girl tonight if I can shake this terrible headache.Tomorrows post will be all about purchasing a sewing machine for yourself or as a gift for someone else. In no way will I be trashing other companies, just sharing what I have found over the past 39 years of sewing!!


  1. SOo cute! Love them! I have made 6 projects in the last couple of days with scraps too! They go up in my little shop tomorrow night and I think I can share pics then too!! :) I'm at 10/30, BUT... I totally broke my fabric diet. *blush*

  2. Love all your projects. This kit is so cute.
    Thanks, Janie

  3. That is cute and so useful for a seamstress on the go.
    I really like yours and Carla's scrap projects.
    Hope your head is feeling better.

    That wasn't a very long husband visit :(