Thursday, June 24, 2010

Baby Girl Hines

I spent most of the day with Kelli and baby Girl Hines, Kelli is now going to the OB/GYN twice a week and of course is so afraid for the baby, her blood count was down to 4 a few weeks ago, she is now up to 8 after loading up on iron, OJ and lots of water, Dr. still wants the count higher but more than likely she will still need a transfusion at delivery. Baby girl Hines has been having trouble with her heart rate so she is tested twice a week on a monitor, scary stuff for a first time Mom and a very worried Nanny. I have taken over the taxi service going to Dr visits, Kelli doesn't need to be driving when she is feeling light headed add to that the heat that has been overwhelming for everyone, sooo Monday's and Thursday's I will be on Dr duty from 8:00 AM until noon or later.

We went to lunch with Heather (prego Daughter #2) and Tyler after spending a little time shopping to cheer Kelli up. Needless to say no scrapbooking happened today, but the important thing is both girls were laughing and seemed more relaxed.

Tyler was the big winner of the day, I picked up a little Heavy Earth moving equipment for him on our little shopping trip, he can now do some landscaping around the new house

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