Thursday, June 3, 2010

Finally Layouts

I finally had the time to finish 2 layouts from the "Splendor" workshop on the go. I have had the layouts 90% done for over a week but just couldn't find the time to decide on photo's and finish up some of the stamping. I did add a few more photo's than the workshop guide called for but that is the beauty of the kits, once you have the layout built you can do your own thing. I even worked on a few of the cards from the workshop, more on them tomorrow. So how did I find the time with all I had to do? I got lucky, we had a storm come up late in the afternoon that lasted for hours so no garden work for me yesterday, scrapbooking instead!! I still have lots of new product that I haven't been able to get around to but for now I at least got something accomplished and I used photo's from 1997 so I cleaned out a few more oldies but goodies.

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