Monday, June 14, 2010

Cabbage Patch

16 heads of cabbage and 4 pounds of carrots
Love tools that work harder than me!

Finally something other than cow poop in the wheelbarrel

I am almost done with our cabbage patch! Well I thought I was done on Saturday when I went to the garden to decide what to plant in the space that the cabbage had been using when I discovered we still had 2 more heads of cabbage we had left behind, not sure how that happened, its not like cabbage is a small plant like say a radish or something. It may have had something to do with the over 90 degree heat we have been having lately or maybe we just sub-consciously didn't want any more cabbage in the house to deal with, whatever it was I will certainly finish off the last two heads today along with a basket full of cucumbers and a batch or two of broccoli. We planted jalapeno peppers, bell peppers and cantaloupe in the cabbage space, with a little luck maybe they will be happy in their new home and give us lots more to eat. I should have pulled the broccoli this weekend but I am still getting a few bunches from the little sprouts a few times a week so I am hanging on to them. The carrots and okra I planted last week are both up, I should be able to thin them later in the week and hopefully just let them go, I am over the high maintenance plants, they can suck the life right out of you!!

So here is the really exciting news, I LOVE the dehydrator!!! It is so easy to use and it will be a dream to store the food once it has been processed. Pictured above is 16 heads of cabbage and 4 pounds of carrots, isn't that incredible? I am over the top excited about this dehydrating deal and Bob is on board all the way, he will no longer have to worry about my can goods overtaking part of his work room. I also canned 12 jars of sauerkraut but decided against freezing any cabbage I just dehydrated all of the rest, that will really help with freezer space, Bob is all about saving freezer space for meat. The only draw back I have found with the dehydrator is that the house smelled like cooked cabbage all weekend, I think I even smelled like cooked cabbage after awhile but it was still worth it, I would imagine cauliflower could be a real problem as far as odors in the house but we don't have any in the garden this year and we don't like it enough to buy at the farmers market so maybe the smelly part is over for now.

I am off to the pick your own farm today, we need more broccoli than what our plants are gonna give off this year, note to self plant more next year. I also need to get the house back in order, we spent most of the weekend in the yard and garage. I did have a little energy left last night to at least get in the scraproom and plan a few cards using the new stamp sets that came in last week, maybe I can find the time to whip a few out today or tomorrow, fingers crossed.

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