Thursday, June 10, 2010

Moving is hard work

Short post today and still no scrapbooking done this week. I thought why not share a photo of one of the Hydrangea bushes that are showing off this year. I realized after I took the picture that I had left the wheel barrel in the photo UGH! Oh well envision this.... the wheel barrel is used to bring in my abundant bounty of veggies from the garden.... OK that is not true, a basket is big enough right now for what we are producing, the wheel barrel is for hauling mulch and cow poop to the garden.

Heather and Shannon moved into the new house yesterday after a nightmare of problems with the moving company, luckily the moving in process was perfect!! I spent the day with them unpacking, Heather is 4 1/2 month's pregnant and high risk so I had to watch her carefully along with Tyler who was all over the place after school. I am back at it again today as soon as I can drag my tired old body out of the house. I had thrown a roast, potatoes, carrots, onions and peppers in the crock pot for supper thinking a home cooked meal would be nice at the end of the day. All of the kids ate like it was their last supper but I was to tired to eat anything, gonna pace myself better today!!

I did receive a nice UPS box yesterday with a COOL new tool that I plan on using a lot this year but you will have to tune in tomorrow to see what it is.

PS. Kitchen/Garden related not scrapbooking :(, but I am over the top in love with it!!

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