Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tomatoes can also Read

Well it seems that our tomatoes also read this blog, I requested a few days ago that they step up and give us a red ripe tomato for father's day, low and behold check it out, they came through!! Within the next week or two I should be able to start canning tomatoes.
This week pickles will be the main focus around here, I had hoped it might cool off a bit before I fired up the canner again but no such luck, it is gonna be hot as h.... all week so I will be getting up early (as in before the sun is up) then after the sun goes down I will be at it again.
I have had folks ask how we are getting so many veggies out of so little space, one of the ways is to go vertical, I plant the cucumbers close to the fence so that they grow up the fence, this frees up space in the garden and makes picking the cucumbers very easy, I still have to dig around on the ground for some but heck that is easy, no more cucumber plants spreading all over the place.
Also found a little time to play in my room this weekend, check back tomorrow to see a few cards I was able to finish, not sure I will be able to get much more accomplished in my favorite room this week, but I am always hopeful!

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