Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Additions


This past weekend we added Blueberries and Raspberry bushes, I don't expect much from them this year but hopefully by next year if we can figure our a way to fight off the birds, squirrels and rabbits we just might have a pretty good start on a few new fruits in our own yard. Our yard is full of birds, it is truly a bird watchers paradise, we have even had an Eagle visit twice this year, I think he lives over on the lake and maybe just takes a field trip every now an then, if you have never seen an eagle up close it is a very intimidating experience!! They are huge!! Poor AJ was afraid to go out alone for a few days after we had our visit. I am looking into friendly ways of keeping our berries and birds for next year, I don't mind sharing extra bread and worms with the birds but I would like to keep the fruit for ourselves.
No scrapbooking today I will be heading over to Heather and Shannon's new house to help with the movers. The moving company didn't calculate well when they sent the truck yesterday so everything didn't fit, added to that problem they also showed up 4 hours late!! I put my foot down at 10:30 last night and forbid Heather from going back for another load at the old house, she had taught all day, did the walk through at the new house, cleaned at the old house and brought a load of stuff to my house and had yet to eat supper. This is not a good idea for a 4 1/2 month pregnant Mommy, Shannon and our other Son in Law Nathan loaded a truck and both Tahoe's until 1:30 AM to get everything removed from the old house before closing this morning, the moving company had better be prepared to take a financial hit on this move!!! Poor kids are already worn out, but the new house is wonderful, they will look back at yesterday and laugh in a few years.
Tyler is not too excited about the move, I ask him yesterday if he was ready for his new house, he said "No I think I might freak out", are you kidding me this kid is 3 years old!! We plan on getting his room and the kitchen completely set up before he gets home from preschool/daycare today, maybe that will make the transition a little easier on him, we can only hope.

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