Monday, June 21, 2010

Splendor Cards

WooHoo, a few cards to post finally!! I still have 2 more WOTG kits that I haven't even opened yet and another order that is due in the first of next week but at least for now I was able to accomplish a little something. My room is a huge mess, before I can get anything else done I am gonna have to give it a little TLC. With Kelli's baby due any day now I have had lots of last minute projects that she has wanted me to do, art work for the walls, hair pretties, rewire lamps, etc. Heather moved 2 weeks ago so she has given me her own pile of to do's. They just keep stacking up in my room. Why is it when my girls get in the mood to nest I end up with the mess and extra work?
Plans changed this morning, I meet Tyler for breakfast then had him until this afternoon, no pickles canned this morning :(, however we did put up blueberries Bob brought in over the weekend from the farmers market. Suckers went in the freezer, no dehydrating for them ever again. Laundry is almost finished, vacuumed the house, quick mop of the hardwood floors, cleaned out the refrigerator and general clean sweep of the house so I should be able to get on the cucumbers tonight! You can never tell around here anymore what might come up and throw a monkey wrench in the plans, with two pregnant daughters this summer I am learning to be more flexible (not my forte)

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