Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I am just wondering if my Broccoli might be reading my blog.... for the past 3 weeks I have planned on pulling it up. We have continued to get a good size bowl a few times a week since I harvested it weeks ago, but it really is past time for it to go and something else to take its place. Went to the garden this morning and wouldn't you know I ended up getting two large bowls of broccoli. I just don't have the heart to pull it out yet, so as long as the plants want to keep producing who am I to turn them down. We will all appreciate the extra pots of broccoli soup this winter that we are getting now from these past their prime plants.

I want to state right here right now that I expect the tomatoes to step up to the plate, I have pampered you enough, it is time to do your thing!! I can only hope my tomatoes also read the blog, I would love a few red ripe tomatoes for Fathers day. Lots on my to do list and even more being added to Bob's list, until my thumb heals Bob is gonna have to take up my slack and do lots of the dirty work in the garden. We also plan on getting the potatoes in this weekend which will be a bugger of a job, we haven't even tilled the area yet :(.
I hope all of you are having some fun in your own yard, it is a ton of work but so worth it, thankfully most of our flowers are perennials so they don't take the time and effort that the garden does, nothing like setting on the deck in the evening watching the fireflies and enjoying the flowers that can show off without my help.

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