Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Vandals In The Garden

For the past two nights something has been mowing down the corn, I might not be as aggravated if they were eating the corn but it looks to me like this is just pure vandalism. I have no idea what varmint is doing the dirty work, gonna have to surf the net for suggestions on saving what is left. We don't have the square foot garden fenced in so that might be part of the problem, we didn't want to go to the time and expense fencing it in if it wasn't going to work. The jury is still out on the square foot garden, the only thing it has produced so far is radishes that were the size of small marbles. I can't blame the garden on the radishes, I planted them pretty late and the heat has been so bad for the past two weeks they wouldn't have done well in the regular garden, time will tell if the square foot garden is gonna be a keeper.
I hit the framers market yesterday afternoon to pick up a few more cucumbers to add to my pickle pile, they had the most beautiful green beans ever!! They were perfect, no spots, dirt, and fresh out of the garden, the fella had just pulled up in his Gator with a load of the beauties when I arrived. I got them along with Zucchini and some summer squash from our garden in the dehydrator last night, directions say 12 hours to dry but looks like it is gonna take a little longer. We LOVE green beans!!! I could eat them morning noon and night, I will be headed back today for more. Our bush and pole beans have lots of blooms but no beans yet, I know even if they produce like crazy it won't be enough for us so I am gonna stock up now while I can.
I am off to the kitchen to start the first round of pickles, hopefully my prego daughters won't have any issues today to drive me crazy, I would love to get all the pickles up this week so I can cross that off my list of things to do

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