Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Day Overflowing with Creativity

Started this morning at 6:30 and I am still at it, UGH
I have been so busy lately that I haven't taken the time to get baby girl Hines port-a-crib ready to go at our house so Kelli and I spent most of the day reworking the nursery set a bought awhile back. I couldn't find any thing cute for a port-a-crib so I purchased a full size crib set and worked a little magic with scissors and the sewing machine. I turned out so darn cute, now I will have to surf the net to find another for baby girl Kundla due in a short 3 months.
Also worked on tons of flower clips for all the babies that have come along lately, hope I can finish them tomorrow.
Once the sun went down and it cooled of a bit I canned a round of tomatoes, got a batch of cucumbers in brine to can tomorrow and last but not least just finished a bushel of beans to get in the dehydrator overnight. It has been a very LONG day.
To top the day off Kelli went into labor around 5:00 this afternoon, just got word from the hospital that they are going to send her home for now, she is in good steady labor but is not moving along very well so they want her to try and rest at home and of course keep walking. Looks like Baby Girl Hines is gonna be one of those marathon labor kinda gals. We are hoping she will give Mom a break and show up tomorrow.
Nanny plans on putting her feet up and working on flower clips and enjoy the air conditioning as soon as I get a few hours sleep!!

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