Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Finding the time

I struggle in the summer to find the time to scrapbook, our garden and yard take up so much time along with canning, freezing and my newest addition that will be in any day now a dehydrator. We have had over 3 inches of rain again this week which means I get to mow the lawn 2 times a week instead of once, and of course the weeds in the garden go crazy with that much rain so weeding is an everyday event. Add to that my time with Tyler 2 days a week, one day a week for errands and such, and of course Sunday is family day and dinner, it doesn't leave much time to be in the scraproom.
I recived a new shipment from CTMH last week that I haven't had a minuite to play with :(, I have my fingers crossed that maybe I can get back to a layout that is just waiting for photo's today but I don't have my hopes set to high.
My to do list is a mile long so today I will just share with you a photo from our ride over the holiday on the Harley. We are working on visiting country stores in North Carolina this year before they are gone, we are using a GREAT book written by a local author Mike Lassiter from Davidson NC, "Our Vanishing Americana". I ran into this book at our own country store which happens to be featured on the front cover "Davis General Store", the owner Silas Davis is a hoot, he is a walking talking encyclopedia of how to's in the garden and around the house, a trip to his store can eat up hours of time digging around for what you want and getting tips on the latest garden or yard problem. Bob and I started shopping at his store when we first moved to NC 19 years ago and are so happy to see his business has picked up over the past few years with the release of the book. We were able to squeeze in lots of miles on the bike and visit 3 general stores along with Murry's Grain Mill I hope I can have the time to scrapbook our little trip someday!! Wish me luck in getting a layout done this week!!

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