Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Working the beans

Green Beans Before
Green Beans After

For the past 2 days I have been working beans from the farmers market in the evening then dehydrating overnight. Our beans are coming along but it will be weeks before we get enough to begin dehydrating them. Since purchasing my fabulous double oven stove with a glass top I am unable to use a pressure canner unless I want to add a second stove (ain't happening) The only options we have are to freeze beans or dehydrate them, I am trying to get away from freezing any more than I have to, therefore dehydrating is the way to go. I had forgotten how relaxing it is to set down at the end of the day and work a bunch of beans, I know it sounds crazy but it really is restful. When we were little and lived with our Grandmother we would set on the front porch and work beans at night, my sister and I didn't last long on the beans, we would end up chasing lightning bugs while Mamaw worked.
As fond as those memories are I can tell you setting in the Den with the air conditioner running and a little background music is heaven, it is over the top HOT here, setting on the deck to work beans would not be a pleasurable experience.
Today is FINALLY pickle day!! Got up at 5:00 AM to start, so far I have the Kosher Dill and Bread and Butter pickles finished, on to the regular dill and lime pickles but I have run out of canning jars so it is a trip to Wally world for me. I also need to hit the farmers market and pick up another bushel of green beans (We do love our beans) Our garden is putting out lots of cucumbers but not enough to can as many as I need right now so I will fill in with a few from the farmers market.
If all goes as planned and my Prego Daughters don't have any issues I should be able to work in the scraproom tomorrow, I am excited to finally have the time to work on some of the new clear cards from the latest cattie.

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