Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cause it's cute

I bought this pasta machine a few weeks ago for no reason other than I though it was cute. We do like pasta and noodles but I have never had the desire to make pasta, still don't today! Pasta is cheap as dirt, use a coupon and buy it on sale you might even get it free. I can't justify this pasta machine for any reason other than I liked it and wanted it that day in that moment, which is so not me. Maybe over the winter I will dig out a cookbook and give pasta making a whirl or maybe I will just let Tyler use it for play dough, don't know and don't care, I just like it.
Today will be a long day of cleaning, lawn work, desk work and such. We are having Bobs Sister and Husband in for the holiday so I need to get things in order and plan a few meals (love that)
We are still on Baby Girl Hines watch so I need to get back on top of domestic endeavors around the house just in case she decides to show up this week, if not the Dr. will induce her next week. Spent yesterday with Kelli and Nathan trying to fill time so they would relax a little, spent way to much money and didn't get a single thing accomplished, but they left in a little better mood and a few home improvement projects to work on. I do have some things set out in the scraproom ready to go but that might not happen today, time will tell.

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