Friday, June 11, 2010

My New Kitchen Tool

I am a sucker for tools in the kitchen and scraproom, I love having things that are work horses in both rooms, they save me time and money, gotta love that. This week my fancy new state of the art over the top useful Dehydrator came in!! I have already used it for zucchini, summer squash and carrots, it is remarkable how easy it is to turn my veggies from the garden into preserved food. I don't mind canning, in fact I enjoy it most of the time but storage is an issue for me. We don't have a basement and I keep my pantry full, I have added lots of shelving in the laundry room but still I run out of space. I also freeze many of our garden veggies, we have 2 refrigerators and one full size stand up freezer but they too become stuffed to the gills by the end of summer. My vision with the new dehydrator is I will be able to preserve everything from the garden this year with no waste and very little storage space. Checkout "dehydrate2store" site if you want to get inspired by an expert in dehydrating foods, this lady is amazing I hope someday to grow up to be just like her!!

I know this is as crazy as you can get but I get so angry when I buy celery, onions etc and only need to use a little of it, I wrap up the rest with every intention of trying to use it before it goes bad but that doesn't always happen. I know we are only talking about less than a dollar for celery but still I hate the waste. With the dehydrator I can have celery, onion and everything else ready to just throw in the pot or skillet and I am ready to rock!!

Today we are bringing in the cabbage, I will can some into sauerkraut, some will be frozen but most I plan on dehydrating for soups and casseroles, even Bob was impressed when he saw that 2 pounds of carrots will fit in a Ziplock sandwich bag and only 1/2 full to boot. We also need to get the last of the broccoli in, I have been freezing it so far this summer but today I will be dehydrating the last of it. So grab a cup of tea and go to the dehydrating 2 store site, relax and watch this ladies incredible video's.

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