Thursday, September 30, 2010

When the lights go out....

When the lights go out we are all set!! I have worried over the years about how I could save everything we have in the freezer if we lost power for more than a day or two, problem is now finally solved. Yes I know homeowners insurance will cover the cost of any food loss due to a storm or whatever, but 1/2 of what we have in the freezer didn't come from a grocery store, I would have to wait till the next growing season to replace it or be stuck with whats at the grocery store.

I know nothing about electricity other than to plug it in, turn it on, and pay the bill on time. Rambo man is the power expert so I left the buying decision up to him regarding the generator, took him over a year of research to find what he really wanted, once the choice was made I got busy finding the best price I could. We were able to save a little bit, wish it could have been more, the sucker was expensive!! Northern Tool and equipment was having their yearly anniversary sale so we got 10% off, in addition to that we went to a neighboring county who's tax rate is 5% lower than ours to make the purchase so at least we saved 15%. I was surprised to learn that the base and wheel kit was sold separately as well as the battery to start the darn thing, of course we also had to pick up the oil and a cover, we are now fully accessorised. The model we purchased is tri - fuel, it will use natural gas, diesel or gasoline. Now I am in the process of waiting around for companies to give us price quotes on running a gas line where Bob wants to set the thing up if we ever need to use it, so far the going rate is close to $1,000.00, Holy Crap, wasn't expecting that in the total cost. Once we have the time Bob will fire the baby up to make sure everything works as expected, we should be able to run both refrigerators, freezer and a few small appliances, crock pot, fan, coffee pot, small TV and such. I could possibly squeeze everything into 1 refrigerator in an emergency so we could help out a neighbor or two that would need to run a line to it.

I hope we NEVER need to use the thing but I feel better knowing it is here. Funny thing is at Sunday dinner last week our oldest Daughter was giving us a hard time over the generator, she thought it was a waste of money and of course she is sure I am off my rocker. Well low and behold I was headed to their house tonight to work on the nursery and who do you think is without power? Yep, they had a transformer in their area blow today so everyone is without power, might be on by 9:00 PM if they are lucky, I couldn't help but laugh and of course offer a place to stay but no way will we share the generator!! HA (couldn't lift the sucker if I wanted to)

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