Monday, August 1, 2011

Gonna Need More Thread!!

Class project
Little girls dress ready for some embroidery tricksHow cute is this going to be with a border of girlie fish!!

I should have gotten to this posted last night but I couldn't tear myself away from the dress I was working on! The beginners embroidery class Saturday was exhausting but super fun. I now know how to turn on my machine and use it for the most part. Technology is not a friend of mine, I am always afraid I am one button away from blowing the whole thing up. I will need to take more classes in the future to have a good understanding of what all this baby will do but for now I am a happy owner.

My sister is headed over today for a play date, she is working on a bed throw but has never sandwiched or quilted before. I should be able to share what I know along with all the fancy presser feet that makes things go a little better. In turn she thinks she can teach me to download, format, unzip and transfer PC files to the embroidery machine (she really is clueless of my abilities). My sister enjoys a little cocktail in the evenings, you better believe I have some Captain Morgan and Coke stashed away, she is gonna need it after working with me and it might be way before 5:00!!
After class Saturday I stopped in at Joann's Fabrics to pick something up to practice embroidering on. Everything seemed junky to me and not at all useful so I purchased some 40% off thread and headed home to brainstorm. I decided to make something that was a bit more practical than what the store had to offer. I went with the reversable dress pattern and alter it a bit to be a regular dress, along with my fabric stash I came up with what I think is a cute beach dress for the little girls. The fabric border looked great with the fish design and thread colors until I cut it out and stitched it up, not enough of the colors are showing so I will be spending the evening with the seam ripper and replacing it tonight (the seam ripper is good friend of mine) I plan or running a roll of fish along the bottom of the entire dress and maybe picking up a cheap pair of ruffle panties to jazz up to match. Gonna be a really fun day!!

The house is clean enough to suit me, I got the front yard mowed yesterday evening so the neighbors won't complain and the canning is still on hold for now. It's time for play!!


  1. The fish are beyond adorable!!! I bet you must go through a tonne of thread with your new machine! Can you use any thread or does it have to be the good (read:expensive) stuff?

  2. Of course you have to use the good stuff, it's a conspiracy to knock me off my spending plan!! Have to keep my eye out for the 40% off sale then pace myself to build up my stash