Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It's Coming Along

 I ran out of ceiling paint late yesterday afternoon, energy as well :( I only had a small area on one side of the room to complete. First thing this morning I got myself to the home improvement store to pick up that ceiling paint. Thinking I was finally DONE and could put the last area of the room back together I realized at some point I had picked up the wrong paint tray!!!!! Holy cow I put the wall paint in this tiny area of the ceiling!! I should be able to go back and repaint in a few hours once the ceiling is completely dry. If I try to paint over it while it is the least little bit wet the popcorn finish will come tumbling down. It's always something with DIY's.
 AJ the Beagle was so happy to have her spot back last night. I was happy to be almost done!! Notice the window treatments? We haven't had window treatments in  the past but the room was feeling to white without them. I thought I would make simple panels using "Bama" style herringbone fabric but at $24.00 a yard times the 7 yards needed I switched my plan. I found single panels of charcoal tweed drapes on sale for $39.99. Rather than buy 4 panels I went with just two knowing I could do some creative sewing to make it work.
 The fireplace mantel came out brighter than I had planned, it looks white, but for now it will be fine. I may at some point add a third coat of paint with more tint added to the already tinted paint. It certainly brightens up the room!!
Once I fix my mistake on the ceiling and get the rest of the furniture and fixins back in place I can start looking for an area rug to use this winter. I don't like a rug down in the spring and summer, too much running in and out for a rug, but in the winter a budget friendly rug is nice to have. I go with budget family rugs so I can donate them once we have gotten the wear we want out of it, usually after 3 or 4 years.

So what do you think? Not a huge difference other than fresh walls and ceiling, oh ya and window treatments. We purchased the new couch and chair last month or was it the month before? The end tables were what not tables from around the house other than the one between hubby and my chair that I found at the scratch and dent section of "Pier One".

Here is what I did with the two single panels. I cut each panel right down the middle lengthwise to make two panels from one. A simple double hen on the edge finished them off. The only thing left was to add tabs to the newly hemmed edge and walla they are done. The panels are fully line which is a nice extra if we want to close them in the summer or winter for extra savings on the electric bill. We purshased the wooden southern blinds years ago to cut down on energy loss but and extra layer of lined drapes will up that savings even more.

I had Mason man yesterday morning while DD#1 went to an appointment. Knowing I was going to need curtain rods for the new window treatments he and I went on a search for the best priced deal we could find. We hit pay dirt at the third store finding rods for $12.99@ on the clearance rack that were oh so close to what I found for $59.99 @ at the home improvement store. Score one for the home team!!

Whats the bottom line for the family room makeover?

Paint -  $104.00 (had leftover primer and trim paint from the powder room makeover)
Window treatments & rods - $106.00
Total spent - $210.00

Estimate from painters
Paint -  $175.00
Labor walls - $200.00
Labor Ceiling - $200.00
Labor Fireplace - $225.00
Total cost - $800.00

SAVED!!!! $590.00 I am happy with the room, very happy with the savings, and will be dancing a jig when I'm finished!!!

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  1. Looks great, Debby!! Good for you, that's a hefty savings!! :)