Sunday, September 19, 2010

35 Years and counting!!

Today is our 35th Anniversary!! What a ride it has been!! I Love Rambo Man more today than our wedding day. He might not be good for my garden but he is the best thing to ever happen in my life, whats not to love... he has given me 3 wonderful Daughters, a happy home, never a dull moment, and lots of laugh lines. We spent a long weekend at Gatlinburg Tn. with some of our Harley buddies riding the mountains for 4 glorious days, returning to the cabin each night to a good meal in the crock pot and lots of laughs from the adventures of the day (and also very sore behinds)
Tomorrow is back to reality, the garden needs some work, ditto for the herbs, laundry to catch up on, coupons to clip, house could use a little TLC and the car needs breaks!! Realized the car needed breaks on the way down the mountain, holy crap, that will be taken care of ASAP!!!!

We exchanged gifts before we left, I got Bob a toaster for the grill as a gag gift (but it will come in handy if the power is ever out) along with the receipt for 2 rain barrels we have had on our wish list since the last drought we had in the Carolina's a few years back. May not seem very romantic but he was thrilled and the suckers were 1/2 price..even better!! He gave me a blank check WooHoo, he wasn't sure what I wanted most a Sun oven or a wheat grinder, heck I wanted them both so I placed my order tonight and they are on their way! Yaa for me, or should I say us!!
We had planned on taking a trip to the Lodge cast iron outlet while in the mountain's but the traffic was so bad we ditched that idea as well as the orchard trip for some pears. Bob can pick up the pears for me in Va next week and I will keep my eye out for a larger dutch oven on sale. Time to hit the sack in our own bed, nothing beats coming home!!!!

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