Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sweet Kara

Our sweet Kara has had a time of it this week, she had her first round of newborn shots on Monday. Lucky for us the Dr. agreed to only give her half of the shots now and the other half next month. She has had an odd reaction to the shots in that her temperature has been hovering around 87.4. She went in today for a check up and blood work due to her low temp. So far everything seems OK she might just be one of the rare cases where she runs a low temp when she is not feeling so good. She is still our happy chunky monkey baby doll but we have to keep her bundled up and warm for a few more days. I don't want anyone to think we are opposed to children's immunizations, with all the illegal immigration of the past years many diseases that were basically eradicated are making a huge comeback. That being said it seems ridicules that health care providers are loading babies up on such a hugh amount of immunizations at one time, don't be afraid to request your pediatrician back off a bit and spread the shoots over a longer period of time. Kara's Dr. told Kelli today it was a good call on her part for requesting just that with Kara. From here on out Kara will be having only 1/2 of the suggested shots at a time. If you should have the same felling we do don't be afraid to request your pedeatrician take a slower approach to immunizations, if they poo poo you find another Dr. that is willing to work with you as a team.
A big THANKS to my dear friend Val for giving us a heads up on the formula recall today, sure enough we have 4 large containers of the stuff that will be returned in the morning, hope we can find more at the store that hasn't been recalled. It's been a heck of a week, looking forward to a peaceful weekend!!

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