Monday, September 20, 2010

It's Always Something

Monday's are my coupon, errands, pantry day. This Monday was no different than most Mondays. At CVS I spent $21.86 and saved $33.45, also have $14.00 in extra bucks to use in the next month. At the grocery store I spent $42.03 and saved $71.77, not a bad day, got $104.00 in free groceries and toiletries. Gotta love that!!
Spent lots of time lugging everything in the house and getting my bounty put away and organized, ahhhh...... it all looked so nice in the pantry's.

Then Bob and I spent the afternoon picking up our brand spanking new tri fuel generator. We somehow unloaded it without any serious injury's; picture me straddling a 2x12 beam propped up on the back of the pick up as Bob pushed the box down, then we somehow wiggled it onto some sorta tool with wheels to get it in the garage. If you ever decide to purchase a generator make sure and have a few strapping young men around to help out, sucker is very heavy!! What a perfect day UNTIL !!!!!

I opened the kitchen pantry door to find a shelf full of canned goods had fallen in, (lots of bad words) What a nightmare, I had to unload most everything in the pantry to get to the shelf to start the repairs, then a trip to the hardware store to find the parts for the self. Bob had already headed back to Va for the week, I had 2 chooses let the mess lay for a week or take on a new fix it project. I had a few mishap's along the way, but it is now officially repaired and stronger than the day the house was built. Only took 6 hours, crap am I ever tired!! May or may not get the kitchen back in order tonight, need to see if the Oreo's and milk will kick in and give me the energy to go back to the disaster zone.

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