Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Books

As hard as I try I just can't get a good photo of the Humming Birds we have this year, we even have babies but durn if I can get a picture!! If you look very closley you can see the little guy on the left bloom of the feeder.

On to the books; the jury is still out on the new cookbook I picked up this week "The Lost Art of Real Cooking". I am all about history and this book has plenty of food history sprinkled though out, the recipes are truly back to basic cooking but the ingredients they use are not local to our area. One example is how to can your own olives, very interesting but no olive trees in NC, there is a section on making your own Koji Mold, Humm, not likely. How about rendering fat, well you never know, curing meats, lots of info on fish I have never heard of, however it is interesting. I get the feeling much of the information may be geared for the west coast. I was all set for a more country cooking sorta book but I have enjoyed reading it. I'm sure we will hit a few country stores over the weekend, maybe I can find some true country cooking books in the mountains.

The second book I am reading is "The $64.00 Tomato" so far it is a fun read on a family who is trying to get a family vegetable garden started. Haven't really had much time to get into it yet, hope to set in one of the rocking chairs this weekend with a cup of tea and relax with this one.

I think I finally have everything packed and ready to go for our mountain trip, I still need to make a couple of loves of bread in the morning before we head out that's why I am posting tonight!! Rambo man got in late tonight, so he will be tilling a couple of rolls in the garden for me in the morning so I can plant spinach and carrot seeds, hopefully I will have a few poking their little heads out when we get home next week.

The guys are riding the Harley's over but I will be sticking to the interstate in the car loaded down with food and adult beverages for the boys. The weather report is saying sunny, warm and clear all weekend, we should be having some great riding time. I still packed all our winter gear for the bike, even if it is 70 degrees in the valley once we get high in the smokies the temperature can drop into the 20's, that is bone chilling cold on the bike I can tell you!

May not be posting till next week, never know if we will be able to get service at the cabin.

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