Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Yesterday was errand day, Christmas shopping and a stop at the nursery. Here is another reason to keep a full pantry and freezer, you can start your holiday shopping early! Since I don't need a thing at the grocery this week and the sales are nothing to crow about I can use the extra cash to get a head start on Christmas. I had a coupon for 30% off at Bath and Body works so that was my first stop, in addition to my coupon they had a buy 3 get 2 sale going on, woohoo! Also scored at Northern tool store for the boys, I was picking up an anniversary gift for Rambo man and ran into a couple of clearance item for the Son-in-Laws. The item I wanted for Rambo man was out of stock :( darn, after visiting with the fella that was helping me he said when they went on clearance they sold out the first day, double darn! I ask if he would mind checking his system to see if any other stores might have them, everyone was out :(, now on to the good part... they still had some in the warehouse and could ship for free to the store if I was willing to pre-pay, heck ya, sign me up. Turns out they were 50% off so I bought 2!! Yaa me, I had already budgeted for the full price item, we really wanted more than one of what I was buying but we were pacing ourselves due to the price, I can now check those items off our wish list, they should arrive early next week. I will just wrap up the receipt with a photo of the item along with the gag gift I bought earlier and I am good to go.

I also needed to pick up shampoo for me, I have very few indulgences but good shampoo is one I am not willing to give up without a fight. I have white hair, not grey, not salt and pepper just pure dee white/silver, whatever the color of the shampoo I am using will turn my hair the same color as the shampoo in just a day or two, green, pink, purple whatever my hair just grabs the color, therefore I buy the good stuff, I am way too old to run around looking like a punk rocker. The brand I use has gone up in price $3.00 since last time, crap! So I did a little impulse buying and bought 4 bottles. Now I need to find the time to search around for something more affordable but that works just as well. I also hit the garden center to see if they had anything for our fall garden in yet, nope gotta wait till next week, however they did have a 50% off sale on lavender so I picked up a couple of pots for the herb garden.

Check out the herb garden stakes. Cute matters, at least to me it does. When everything starts looking shabby a little cute helps out. I have a couple of garden stamp sets from CTMH that I am going to use to make more of the little buggers, we have some old square tiles that will be perfect to stamp on, I can get Rambo man to drill a hole in the top of the tile then all I will need is the metal stake to hang them from. I think Rambo man can do that with what he has in the garage. Gonna be a cool Christmas gift for my gardening neighbors

I am off to pack for our Anniversary trip tomorrow, haven't done a single thing to get ready yet and I will have Kara for the day so I need to put it in high gear to get ready. We have 3 of Rambo man's Harley buddies meeting us there this year so I will get to share a cabin with 4 biker dude's! Ha should be fun. I have a little side trip mapped out to a orchard in the area I am gonna talk the boys into, If the price is right I figure between all 4 bikes I should be able to get a bushel or two back to the cabin to take home. I am on a mission to find some pears to can. The guys usually humour me cause I know how to cook and they know how to eat, you gotta go with your strengths ladies

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