Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pantry Update

I finished the pantry this morning and I'm now ready to move on, or so I thought. The baking pantry is a mess, I keep shoving more and more stuff in, I'm now to the point where I can't find what I need most often. In order to work on that I need to do some rearranging of bake ware to free up some shelf space. UHGGGG. I didn't attempt to put all of the canned goods back in the kitchen pantry, I moved them over to the back pantry and will restock from there. I feel like I have spent all spring and summer moving and rearranging in the kitchen and pantries. Deciding to grow, can, dehydrate and freeze from our own garden/farmers market this year has put a strain on my organizational skills as well as the shelves themselves!!
Our home canned items outgrew the shelving unit a few weeks ago, but I don't have much left to can other than okra, pears and apples, I will be dehydrating pumpkins, sweet potato's and any late fall stuff if the garden will cooperate. Maybe just maybe this will be the last time I will have to revamp anything. I plan on picking up extra bracket things for this winter, as we use up and clear out I want to reinforce all of the shelves so I don't have a repeat of the last 24 hours. I am so jealous of ladies with basements, what a joy it would be to have one area to store everything in, it could be like my personal general store. Need to stop dreaming and get busy!

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