Thursday, September 9, 2010

Frozen Veggies

I checked out the freezer this morning to see how we are doing, I can still put up more okra and summer squash maybe even broccoli in the fall, my plants are all looking good, not to sure about the zucchini yet but it too is beginning to coming along. I was surprised how low we are already getting on many things and it is still 90 degrees outside, but I did do a ton of dehydrating this year, other than shredded zucchini we should be fine. We been having had lots of zucchini bread lately, I may go ahead and pick up more from the farmer market today. The kids have hit the strawberries really hard, I originally put up 30 bags of the buggers we are already down to 12, I will have to guard them with my life if they want strawberry bread this winter!

I will have Kara this afternoon while Mommy works, here is a photo of her playing peek a boo with us this week, not sure I remember our girls playing at only 2 months old but you know how grand babies are (always smarter than anyone else) I picked up a Baby Bjorn while shopping with Heather to finish up Karsyn's room earlier in the week. I hope she will like it so I can get a few thing done around the house when she is here. She really is a good baby but wants to have you in her sight at all times and in your arms is even better. I do believe Mommy just sets and holds her all day until Daddy comes home and does the same thing. What the heck, they are only little once, thanks Teresa for the suggestion we will let you know how it works out. They didn't have anything like this when my girls were little. I haven't tried the thing on yet, hope it fits menopausal figures, Teresa has a waist the size of my thigh!!

So what is in your freezer? have you done a good clean out lately? Better get going on it so you can stock up on all the sales and save yourself some money!

Okra-18 bags, will do more, we like breaded fried okra
Summer Squash-19 bags, will do more ditto on breaded fried squash
Zucchini-8 bags, no where near enough for bread
Blueberries-19 bags, should be OK
Strawberries-12 bags, to late to do more, moved it to the back so the kids can't find it
Cherries-9 bags, plenty, canned a bunch
Broccoli-6 bags, not enough, will do more if the late garden works

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