Monday, September 6, 2010

Pesto Update

I needed a new kitchen thermometer to make the Watermelon jelly (Rambo man broke my old one manning the grill) so we headed into William Sanoma Friday night to pick one up that Rambo man is not allowed to ever look at much less touch. Cost is irrelevant, I need good tools to work my magic in the kitchen and it should last a lifetime. As we are wandering around drooling over this and that (well I was drooling anyway) I found a 4 ounce jar of pesto for $14.00. I was so excited to show Bob!! Look at this, 4 ounces of pesto for $14.00, I made 3 times that much for $5.00 from our own garden. Bob humored me, he doesn't know what the hell pesto is but trusts that I did a good job saving him a bit of money. I was sooo pumped!
Bob found a toaster he wanted to get for $199.00, it wasn't even the most expensive one in the store!! Are you kidding me, heck no, we got out of there super fast before he put it on the counter. The whole toaster thing is an ongoing drama at our house, that I will have to share in another post. Bottom line is this, I saved enough money making my own pesto to almost cover the cost of the thermometer (I can justify any tool kitchen or scrapbooking related)

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