Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Will Not Be Defeated

I can not believe that a shelf caving in on Monday could cause as much trouble as it has. I hit the floor running this morning to finally finish up the whole rearranging, organizing and general mess that Mondays mishap caused.
As I was pulling out all the seasonal bake ware I thought I saw what might be chocolate sprinkles, no way I keep the sprinkles with the baking supplies, what the heck is that. Holy s.... it was mouse droppings!!!! Now understand I keep a clean house, I mean really clean. There are can goods stored in the laundry/extra pantry/canning room but no box goods, open containers or anything else that would cause a mouse to set up housekeeping in that room. Other than maybe the garbage can, however we took all the trash in the house out before leaving for vacation last week, that couldn't be it. Oops, forgot middle Daughter was here for the weekend, she doesn't know how to take out the trash so maybe that was the culprit. Who the heck knows. We do have problems with mice in the fall, I know the calendar says today is the first day of fall but give me a break it was 92 degrees today.
What should have been an hour or two job turned into an all day event, cleaned everything out of the laundry room, scrubbed it down in pinesole, reloaded the room then finally moved the bake ware to the garage baskets. I am done, no more, Bob will have to deal with the mouse this weekend, I don't do rodents. Sorry for any mispelling stupid spell check won't work today.

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