Friday, September 10, 2010

What Happened to Scrapbooking? I had a blog reader e-mail me this week asking if I had given up on scrapbooking or lost interest. Heck no, I love scrapbooking, I can't imagine ever giving it up and I have even grow to love stamping. I must admit it took me awhile to get into stamping but now I am hooked. I am still a CTMH heart consultant and I have some classes designed to teach this fall at a nationally known scrapbooker/artist/author's studio. I am more than happy to run workshops anytime some ladies want to get together and learn a new trick or two or even try out any of my tools before making an investment in them.
So why haven't I been scrapbooking for awhile? Life is getting in the way at this point. Our Daughter Kelli was a high risk pregnancy who needed lots of help during the last few months of her pregnancy and of course after Kara was born I helped out. Kelli is back to work now and I am baby setting Kara when she and Daddy have to work on the same day. Babies are so cool but they will suck the life out of a woman my age!! Bob has been out of state working for over a year now so that leaves the home, yard, garden and whatever comes up on me, durn it is a lot of work. In addition to that I made a goal this year to grow as much of our food as possible and put back enough to hold us over until the garden starts up again in the spring. While I have had a blast in the garden, canning, dehydrating and freezing, it is a ton of work. With the weather as hot as it has been I hold off on canning until the sun goes down and it cools off a bit, by the time I am finished I am to wore out to hit the scraproom. On top of all that I refuse to pay full price for anything at the grocery store or drug stores this year, clipping coupons, watching for sales then repackaging meat and many other things we buy in bulk sucks up even more time and energy. Of course I cook the majority of our meals and snacks from scratch now days, haven't bought a loaf of bread in so long I can't even remember when.
I don't regret the decisions we have made this year even if they don't leave me a lot of free time for play. Our full pantry has been a blessing with how much money we have been able to save as well as being able to help Kelli and Nathan who have taken a beating from the down turn in the economy this year. I hope to get back in the scraproom once things settle down but that may not be anytime soon, Karsyn Rylee will arrive in 5 short weeks, of course I will help Heather out until she gets on her feet and will then keep the baby once Heather returns to work in Jan. As soon as Shannon gets back to work (thankfully soon!) I will also have Tyler 2 days a week so.....scrapbooking will be sporadic to say the least!!

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