Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One Step Closer

I was able to get the baking pantry finished today so I am one step closer to getting things in order in the kitchen. I still need to do more work on the bake ware, looks like some of it will be moving to the garage. Rambo man put in a cool basket system for me at the kitchen door this summer, I think I can get better use of the baskets by using them for the overflow from the kitchen. I have so many pans that I only use for seasonal baking that are taking up a ton of space that could be better utilized.
I received an e-mail today asking about the containers I use in the pantry, the majority of the ones on the top shelf are OXO Soft Works pop containers, I pick mine up at Kholes or Target when they are on sale. I use them for oats, rice, pasta, nuts, chocolate chips, corn flakes, bread crumbs, crackers, etc. They are great to store lots of things that you want to keep fresh once the box has been opened, in the south we have problems with humidity and of course bugs can always get into anything that has been opened, the containers solve both problems. I also buy lots of things in bulk, with these containers I can store the bulky bags out of the way and only keep what we need in the pantry, saves lots of space. I also have a few containers from the Food Saver system, they work fine but are very expensive and you have to seal them with the food saver each time you open the container, what a pain!
I have Kara again tomorrow so I don't expect to get a lot accomplished and frankly I don't care, coming down with what I hope is only a cold so I am not up to any major projects. Our middle Daughter has come down with the flu, she went to the Dr. yesterday for meds, have my fingers crossed that she hasn't past it to me.

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