Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blueberry Buckle

I experimented a bit Friday with blueberries, I wanted to find something other than pancakes or muffins to use them. I couldn't tell Bob that was desert blueberry buckle so I just told him it was a blueberry cake sorta deal, which is the truth when it comes down to it. Bob is one of those plain eating men, he won't eat quiche but if you make one up in a cast iron skillet and call it an old fashion sorta omelet he will eat the heck out of it, so I have to come up with plain names for anything that might be an out of the box recipe.

I used the blueberries I put up this spring along with powdered eggs and powdered milk in the recipe, it was sooo good and cut up nicely like a cookie bar so I could always freeze what we don't eat, of course that doesn't happen often, one or more of the girls and their families show up and polish things off for us. I love finding recipes I can whip up using what we have in the pantry. I know everything in the pantry has come from our garden or from the grocery at super great prices on sale and even deeper savings with coupons. Next time I will change out some of the white flour for wheat, you would never be able to tell the difference.
Friday nights are Grand baby night around our house, Bob wants them all here so he can play when he gets into town. Heather and Shannon went out for her Birthday so we were able to hang onto Ty longer than usual, yaa for us. Tyler loves to play in the kitchen with me, he decided we needed to make "chocolate chipper" cookies but after I showed him the bag of M&M's I picked up on sale and with a coupon (only cost me $.50) we went with that. I was able to sneak in some wheat flour when they weren't looking so we had some very inexpensive sorta kinda healthy cookies and frosty mugs of milk.

Bob surprised me with a 1/2 bushel of apples from Va. this week, the man is just too good to me, HA. I was able to get all the apple butter we need made up Saturday while catching some great SEC football, ROLL TIDE. I you want to try your hand at canning, apple butter would be a great place to start, super easy, apples are cheap and you can do tons of things with apple butter.

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