Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Our Summer Jewels

Our summer jewels are not diamonds, rubies or emeralds but they sparkle and shine with a taste of summer we will be happy to have this winter. My goal this year was to try and preserve whatever we didn't eat daily from our own garden, my fantasy is someday to grow all our own vegetables, we are a long way from that time!! Whatever I couldn't pull from our garden this year I bought at our local farmers markets. The one I shop from most of the time is an old country store run by a family that has been farming in the area for generations, they also take in extras from other local small farms in the area, they carry local home canned items, candles, soaps, honey, milled corn, wheat and such. They are opened year round selling vegetables we can still grow in the south or that they have put back in root cellars as well as Christmas trees. They are reasonably priced, you can call ahead and order a bushel or whatever large quantity you want, they will have it packed up and ready to go when you arrive, they will also save canning tomatoes for you and give you a call when they have a bushel or whatever amount you want. Try getting that customer service at your local grocery store! The family who owns the store are right in front of you, they take pride in their farm and store, they are not setting around a board room table deciding how they can get the most profit from the least amount of work and to heck with food safety. OK, so I will get off my soap box now, sorry!!
So here is my list of canned foods from the summer, we still have lots to do with apples and pumpkins but that will be in the fall.
Dill Pickles-14 pints, that's plenty
Kosher Pickles-8 pints, that's plenty
Bread and butter pickles-3 pints/2 quarts, Opp's, we have been hitting them hard already
Cherries-14 pints/6 quarts, maybe to many
Strawberry Jelly-17 -4 ounce jars/3 -1/2 pint jars, that's plenty
Asparagus-14 pints, might be enough
Sauerkraut-4 pints, new recipe, not sure if it will be good
Tomatoes-28 quarts,4 pints, may not be enough to late to make more
Chili base-8 pints, not enough but new recipe so we might not like anyway
Salsa-22 pints, should be enough
Pizza sauce-13-1/2 pints, 3 pints, should be plenty
Okra-6 pints, will be making more, it is still coming on strong
Peaches-24 pints, that's plenty
Radish relish-10-4 ounce jars, may be to much
Watermelon Jelly-12-1/2 pints, plenty
Watermelon rinds-1 1/2 pint. 4 ounce- who cares, never again
Frozen cucumber salad-6 pints, new recipe, may not like it

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