Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pickled Okra

Pickled Okra is supper easy to do!! Yea for me, finally something easy that worked out right!! I still have trouble packing food in jars tight enough, I thought I had crammed all I could into the okra jars but after canning them looks like I had lots more room. Canning jars are not that cheap so I need to do a better job of filling them up to get the most bang for my buck. Speaking of canning jars looks like I will be needing a few more before we start working on apples when they come in. I figure pints for applesauce and apple slices then 1/2 pints for apple butter. I know some people think it is nuts to even bother with 1/2 pints but for us it works out. Most mornings it is just Bob and I at breakfast, it would take us too much time to work our way through a pint of jelly so I stick with mostly 1/2 pints, I think 1/2 pints are also a nice size for gift giving.

Today is finishing up the canning inventory, and a little tiding up around the kitchen. Kelli and baby Kara came over yesterday so I didn't get a thing done. In the afternoon I took Heather out shopping for a few more baby items to finish up the nursery, didn't get home until almost 10:00 PM, UGH. Baby Girl Karsyn Rylee should arrive in 5 weeks, Heather has gone over the top girlie in her room, it is so darn cute and Tyler is getting really excited that he will have a baby that can stay at his house, unlike Karalee who has to go home with Aunt Kelli. Sunday dinner is going to be a crazy around our house not too long from now. I hope the weather will turn off a little cooler by the time Karsyn arrives so I can just throw something in the crock pots for dinner, don't want to miss any Nanny time, and yes I said crock pots it takes more than one to feed a family this size.

Having the family in on Sunday can get a little nuts sometimes, I try and get the desert and bread made ahead of time and maybe even some side dishes but I still end up being wore slap ass out by the end of the day when they all head home. I wonder how in the heck large families can do it day in and day out, they must eat lots of casseroles or something (my kids and Bob won't touch). And how can they afford all that food. last Sunday Bob cooked 3 racks of ribs and 4 pork loins, side dishes were cabbage and noodles, bake beans, oven roasted potatoes, corn on the cob, pickles, watermelon, 2 loaves of bread and for desert a chocolate cake along with zucchini bread. We had enough leftovers for Bob and I each have a meal this week but that was it. We wouldn't have it any other way, we both know how blessed we are to have our girls close by and that they enjoy coming home and we also have the best son-in-laws in the world. of course our grand babies are the smartest and cutest that were ever born.....starting to sound a little like Lake Wibgone now!! Ha I am just wondering how large families can make it in our world.

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