Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pesto time

I have been drying lots of Basil this summer and it just keeps on coming so I decided today I will make some pesto to freeze, I hate to see all this basil go to waste, I also dried cilantro and parsley along with more okra last night that I plan on passing on to a friend, we have more than we will need already. My fall garden is not looking to good, our bunny buddies have been doing a number on the cabbage, not sure they will leave any for us, broccoli seems OK, cucumbers are coming along, zucchini and summer squash not sure about, carrots might be a bust, egg plant.. jury is still out, bell peppers look like they are on their last leg and the watermelon is beginning to rot. Crap!
I found an interesting recipe for watermelon jelly that I want to try, our farmers market has watermelon cheap as all get out right now so I am gonna give it a whirl then pickle the rind. I also want to pick up a jar of pickled okra, I have never had it before, sounds kinda gross to me but you never know, it might be just the ticket for preserving the continuing okra production.
Our farmers market has lots of different home canned fruits and vegetables, the prices are pretty high but it is a nice way to try something new in canning without spending hours in the kitchen preparing whatever you are working on then time over the canner in this hot weather only to find out what you have worked your butt off canning the dog won't even eat.
I have enough okra dehydrated for the winter to use in soups and gumbo, enough is breaded and frozen for Bob and I to have a few times each month until next year and I have family size bags breaded and frozen for Sunday dinners with the family. This is the first year we have grown okra so I don't know how much longer this daily picking will continue, hopefully pickling it will be yummy.

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