Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blogger is back

Blogger has been down since Wednesday night so I have been unable to post what my weekend chore is.

If you guessed the scrap room pictured above you are correct!!!! I didn't even take a photo of the other side of the room but trust me it looks just as bad. Anyone who knows me can tell you this is NOT how I roll. The scrap room has turned into more of a dumping ground for all the memorabilia of the grands, family, trips and such this year. It is also the holding area of all things creative and I need to make room for the ever growing pile of fabric I have here there and everywhere. I can NOT work in such disarray!!! Thursday after the babies left I started collecting fabric from around the house and all the bobbles that go along with it, dumped it in the room and started brainstorming on what the heck to do with it all.

I think I have a plan, at least I am working on a plan that hopefully will combine both passions in one location. I did a pretty good clean out of the excess stuff in the scrap room back in the fall, packed it all up and sent it off to deserving homes. That being said the cabinets, drawers, closet and surfaces are still pretty full. Where in the heck could I house the beautiful fabric, partly finished projects, patterns in the making and the cutting table that is marked down 45% off that I break out in a cold sweat just looking at that so desperately needs a good home. The cutting table is out of the question, no way no how is it gonna fit and me still be able to get my ever growing rump around the room, the kitchen counter will have to do. I found a couple of pieces of furniture on sale Thursday night that look like they might help house the fabric and the price was right. Friday night was spent sorting, folding, and getting some of the family treasures from the past year in some logical order. Son-In-Law #1 even brought over the umbilical cord from Karsyn, he also hung on to Tyler's, I have yet to find a creative way to incorporate them in a layout, who keeps this sort of S...?

I hit the floor on fire this morning (Saturday) with intentions of working on the room until my sewing class started at 1:00, CRAP for some reason I checked the class schedule and realized the class was at 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM. Scrambled around found all the supplies I needed packed up the fancy dancy sewing machine loaded it into the oh so cute tote and headed out. The class was wonderful, the project super cute but the scrap room looks the same, grrrr. I have until 5:00 Sunday to work some magic in the room, after that all bets are off, the babies will be back bright and early Monday morning. Stay tuned....

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