Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Expensive day

Found a Styrofoam wreath in the scrap book during the big clean out, dug up some green ribbon to wrap it in then cut apart a few hydrangea stems, now have a new wreath for the door at no cost and no wasted gas!! This was the only thing the babies and I got done today. We were stuck in the kitchen and family room all day while the carpet cleaners worked. Now of course I can't walk on them for an additional day. We went ahead and sprung to have the living room and family room couch's cleaned, between AJ the hound dog and the little girls they were both in need of a little freshening up.

Last but not least the tree man finally came by. We had 2 small trees come down in a recent storm and needed others taken out or trimmed back to get more sun in the garden. He found 2 HUGE oaks that are in really bad shape close to the house, they gotta go. We are lucky they haven't ended up in the bedroom with all the storms we have had this spring. In all we are having 8 tree's taken out at a cost of $1,400.00 UGHHH. Thanks to using coupons, watching the sales and trying to hold down spending we can handle the expense but that doesn't mean I like it!! Early to bed so I will be ready to face the babies in the AM and get all the furniture back in place.

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  1. Love the wreath! From what I see you have a beautiful home!! :) Yay for clean carpets! lol! That's a lot of $$ for getting rid of some trees, but lime you said, t least you can cover it! :)